8:15-9:15 J. KELLER The many-Fermion problem - Part 1.
9:20-10:20 A. HAHN Quadratic forms over Z : from Diophantus to the 290 Conjecture
10:30-11:30 P. BUDINICH Pure spinor geometry at the origin of strings, charges and internal symmetry
13:15-14:15 M. CHISHOLM William and Lucy Clifford. Science and Literature linked
14:20-15:20 G. CASANOVA Generalisations Cliffordiennes. Non localisation des electrons
15:30-16:30 C. DAVIAU Kinematic interpration of the electron's wave
16:40-17:40 Z. OZIEWICZ Clifford algebra is a Frobenius algebra, however Frobenius algebra
needs not to be a Clifford algebra
17:45-18:45 Z. OZIEWICZ Round Table about the following theme : Interrelation of Einstein's Special
and General Relativity with Clifford Algebra
18:50-19:50 T. HEMPFLING/J. KELLER Présentation de : « Advances in applied Clifford algebras »

8:15-9:15 J.P.BOURGUIGNON Spinors in 2005
9:20-10:20 R. COQUEREAUX Spinors and fundamental interactions
10:40-11:40 M. KAROUBI Algebres de Clifford. Fibrés projectives et identite pentagonale d’Euler
15:00-16:00 W. BAYLIS A relativistic algebraic approach to the quantum/classical interface:
implications for “Quantum Reality”
16:05-17:05 Cl. FRASNAY Les géodes impaires dans la confrontation « Cliffordienne » des espaces
plurimétriques fondamentaux (riemanniens, euclidiens et lobatchevskiens)
17:10-18:10 A. JADCZYK Quantum jumps and Clifford Algebras
18:15-19:15 A. ANTIBI Quelques méthodes de résolution de problèmes importants et peu enseignés
19:20-20:20 M. SAMUELIDES From cybernetics to learning theory: Disciplinary intertwisting about neural networks

08:00-9:00 J. BERTIN Intégrales matricielles à valeurs dans les algèbres de Clifford
09:05-10:05 J. RYAN Dirac operators and harmonic analysis for some conformal flat manifolds
10:15-11:15 L. NOTTALE Non differentiable geometry, quantum mechanics and gauge fields
11:20-12:20 M.A. KNUS Clifford Algebras and triality
13:30-14:30 M. MARTIN Clifford analysis on Dirac bundles and applications
14:35-15:35 M. MITREA Dirac operator and Maxwell’s equations in non smooth domains
15:50-16:50 Y. FRIEDMAN Geometric tri-product and the spin domain
17:00-18:00 S.L. ERIKSSON Overview of hyperbolic function theory 

08:00-9:00 R. S. KRAUSSHAR Automorphic forms in Clifford analysis and applications to Hilbert spaces
09:05-10:05 J. DHOMBRES Une histoire de la pensée algébrique avec Clifford comme perspective
10:20-11:20 Ch. ALUNNI Gustav Juvet 1896-1936 et William K. Clifford 1845-1879
13:10-14:10 L. BOI Des espaces de Clifford à la géometrisation de la physique
14:15-14:45 J. KELLER The Many Fermion Problem, Part 2
14:50-15:50 B. FAUSER Cliffordization and invariant theory
On the construction of quaternionic complexes

08:00-9:00 D. HESTENES Space time geometry with geometric calculus
09:05-10:05 A. LASENBY Applications of conformal geometric algebra in electromagnetism,
quantum mechanics and cosmology
10:20-11:20 W.A. RODRIGUES Hidden consequence of active Lorentz invariance
13:10-14:10 HONGBO LI On symbolic geometric computation with Clifford algebra 
14:15-15:15 T. BRANSON Q-curvature and detour torsion 
15:25-16:25 R. GOVER he De Rham detour complexes, things like Q-curvature
and global conformal invariants 
16:25-17:25 R. CHISHOLM Six-line representation of the algebra CL2,2

08:00-9:00 V. KRAVCHENKO Factorization of the multidimnsional Schrödinger operator
and its applications
09:05-10:05 J. LASENBY Higher dimensional fractals in Geometric Algebra 
10:10-11:10 E. BAYRO-CORROCHANO What can Hamilton, Grassman, Clifford and Hestenes
tell us about perception and action systems?
13:30-14:30 F. SOMMEN Clifford analysis in the Hermitian setting 
14:35-15:35 R. DELANGHE On some basic aspects of Clifford analysis
15:50-16:50 J. BURES Parabolic geometries related with several Fueter operators 
17:00-18 J.M. PARRA Some basic queries about the electron
and Dirac, Hestenes and Kähler equations 

08:00-9:00 W. SPRÖSSIG Quaternionic analysis in fluid dynamics
09:05-10:05 W. SOUCEK Complexes of invariant operators in regular and singular characters
10:15-11:15 G. KAISER Energy-momentum conservation and complex structure
in pre-metric electrodynamics. 
11:20-12:20 N. MANKOC Clifford algebra technique and physics beyond Standard Model 
13:15-14:15 V. NISTOR The spectrum of Dirac operators on manifolds with multicylindrical ends
14:20-15:20 R. FARWELL Spin Gauge Model of a Family 
15:30-16:30 R. BOUDET Geometrical interpretation of U(1),SU(2),SU(3) ,...